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Strong Hold doesn’t make pizzas – we can’t build a cabinet in 30 minutes or less. But if speed is what you’re after, and you don’t want to sacrifice quality or durability, check out our quick ship options. We offer over 90 different products, sizes and configurations available to be shipped within three days of your order.

Maybe you have a budget surplus and need to get your order in before the new year. Maybe you want to surprise your employees with some shiny new lockers at your next meeting. Or maybe you just can’t wait to use your new shop table. Whatever the reason, we have a variety of products stocked in our warehouse ready for shipping.

We’ve stressed the importance of 5S and LEAN Manufacturing in your shop. Organization is key to saving both time and money. It can even help you identify and solve safety issues, but you need to start with the right storage solution.

Building a custom product is ideal if you have a lot of unique needs, but it’s not always time-friendly. Sometimes all you need is a simple, standard design to help you organize your shop floor. Quick ship items feature our most popular sizes and configurations, so you can simplify your product search.

Our main goal at Strong Hold is to deliver quality, heavy-duty products that last a lifetime. The products we offer as quick ship items are built just as tough as anything we manufacture. Check out all our quick ship items here. Got a question? Contact one of our product experts.