Big 3 Automotive Manufacturing Plant

Auto manufacturing facilities, plain and simple, require products that they can depend on. The skilled trades, mechanical trades and maintenance personnel at this big 3 automotive manufacturer were looking to get Lean, they had a real need to get organized. We all know that time is money but time can also be a frustration. Providing each trade their own heavy duty lockable storage cabinet for their tools would be the answer. Strong Hold cabinets were recommended because of their durability. The option of clear view doors were added so the workers could see exactly what was in their cabinets. As you can see in the photos, the tradesmen labeled each cabinet  and shelf so all the tools had a home location. This is how you save time, money and limit your frustrations.

12 GA Extra Heavy Duty Clearview Cabinet


There was never a question as to what manufacture to turn to in order to solve this problem. In addition to the storage needs, this auto manufacturer also wanted a cabinet that a forklift could pick up and move around as the plant layout changes. This sounds like a simple task but most cabinets will rack and collapse as you try to pick them up and move them. The heavy 12 gauge steel construction of Strong Hold allows you the ability to close and lock the doors and move as needed.