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Concrete is the glue that holds the world together. You’d be hard pressed to look at your surroundings at any given time and not see its impact. Roads, bridges, skyscrapers, office buildings, schools, homes, dams, even volcanoes, are made from this strong and durable substance. CEMEX is a building materials company that makes these structures possible. As a purveyor of industry-leading products and solutions, they value durability, performance, and customizability. When it comes to workspace and storage solutions, they make no exception.


CEMEX’s network of cement plants, distribution terminals, and aggregate quarries includes a manufacturing facility in Knoxville, TN. William M., Production Manager at the Knoxville plant, recently hit a roadblock when it comes to industrial storage. “Our biggest challenge is the life span of the storage lockers we have been selecting,” William said. Due to the heavy-duty nature of the facility, management had to make an important decision: replace the same lockers they’ve used every 2 to 3 years or invest in a more durable, long-lasting storage solution. They went with the latter. “Strong Hold was chosen because their (build) materials exceed all the rest,” explained William. He continued, “the detail fabrication work also surpasses industry standard and really sets the bar for customer satisfaction.”


CEMEX found their lifetime storage solution in Strong Hold’s single-tier slim line lockers. The 12 gauge construction and all-welded design make them ideal for industrial plants, like the one CEMEX has in Knoxville. Employees can now organize their personal belongings with shelves, wardrobe rods, and hooks, which are included in the lockers. Each compartment is also secured with our hearty 3-point locking device and a padlock, so they can rest assured their belongings are safe. “After making the decision to go with Strong Hold and receiving the lockers, the men love them, and we have no concerns about the lockers integrity lasting well past our careers and beyond,” William said.

If you are looking to cutback on the wasted time, energy, and money associated with replacing equipment, Strong Hold offers the strongest workspace and storage solutions on the market today. Click here to find yours now!