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Clear View Door Cabinet

Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) are a necessary part of every organization, but sometimes they just feel like a drain. We all wish we could spend less time and money making sure the wheels keep turning. Fortunately, we can lever lean manufacturing principles to focus on reducing wasted time and the dollar amount of inventory.

Clear view doors on Strong Hold cabinets help by making it easier for operators to find stored items, visually track inventory, and re-order replenishables. With clear view doors, gone are the days of a surprise stockout when you go to open the doors. Operators can see what’s inside the cabinet, reducing the chance of ordering excess inventory when, let’s say, what’s needed is tucked behind another item. Always know what’s in stock by simply walking by and taking a look.

Employing clear view cabinets as point of use stations, instead of open shelving units, provides the additional benefits of keeping dust and dirt out and reducing the chance that expensive small items “grow legs and walk away.” Everyone hates to clean, and nothing frustrates us more than re-ordering items that went missing.

Toyota Motor Company pioneered the use of clear view storage cabinets with their rigorous application of lean manufacturing. Other manufacturers followed suit after seeing the benefits first hand on tours of Toyota’s facilities. Now, clear view cabinets are a staple storage item in automobile, steel, energy and government facilities. Ask Strong Hold how clear view cabinets can help make your life a bit easier today! View all of our clear view products here.

Author: Anthony Diebold

Position: President

Company: Strong Hold Products