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Louisville Manufacturer Donates Medical Storage to Coronavirus Facility

strong hold donates medical ppe storage cabinets

Being a local manufacturer in the Louisville area, Strong Hold has been given the opportunity to continue operations during these unprecedented times. We certainly don’t take that for granted. This is a time to come together and support one another, so we began looking for ways to better serve our community.

With the increased strain on our healthcare system from COVID-19, Alternate Care Facilities (ACF) are popping up across the country. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies are in high demand, and these facilities need to keep their stock protected and secure.

“When we heard the National Guard was helping set up a hospital at the Fair Grounds, I knew our team would want to help,” said Tony Diebold, President of Strong Hold and former Army Logistics Officer. “Our veterans love any chance to help our men and women in uniform. We aren’t trained medical professionals, but this is how we can help.”

In order to prepare for an overflow of patients recovering from the coronavirus, the Kentucky National Guard set up an ACF at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center. To support this effort, Strong Hold donated six medical storage cabinets to the Kentucky Department of Public Health. These cabinets will be used to store the critical tools, supplies, and PPE needed by healthcare workers in their fight against this virus.

“I was really impressed to learn how quickly the Kentucky National Guard was able to design, build, and equip the new alternate care facility. We have a lot of great men and women serving our state and community here in Kentucky,” said Charlie Coombe, Director of Sales and former Army Aviator. Coombe worked directly with the Kentucky National Guard and the Kentucky Department for Public Health to facilitate the donation of the medical cabinets as they build out and equip the ACF.

Strong Hold has manufactured medical storage and PPE cabinets for many years, but only now has the need for safe and secure medical storage become so prevalent. We are proud to support our nation’s healthcare workers by providing products made with high-quality steel right here in America.

Thank you to the Department of Public Health and the Kentucky National Guard for making this possible, and all the frontline workers fighting to protect our state and nation from this pandemic. We will get through this, together.

man loading medical ppe storage cabinet on trailer
alternative care facility sign

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