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Managing the Multifaceted Distribution Network


For manufactures like Strong Hold, the distribution network is the biggest factor in a successful sales model. Distributors, or dealers as we call them, have the relationship with the end user customer and supply them with a wide array of products. They rely on quality manufacturers to provide systematic solutions to their customers’ needs. Some dealers, like MRO or industrial supply dealers, sell more commodity/perishable items and see the same customer weekly or biweekly, effectively canvassing the entire facility. In contrast, project-based dealers like material handlers tend to sell product that doesn’t wear out for a very long time, but have longer-term capital projects, longer sales cycles, and larger average sales overall. The beauty of Strong Hold is that our products fit both types of dealer needs in their day-to-day sales pitches!


Whether it’s standard heavy-duty cabinets and custom work tables for a manufacturing cell, or stainless steel work-in-process carts for cleanroom applications, our dealers cover all markets. I am continually amazed by all the unique opportunities our dealers bring to us, and how together we can collectively design and deliver solutions that are tailor-made for the application.

A strong manufacturer/dealer relationship is key to both parties’ success; one cannot survive without the other. From the manufacturer’s point of view, selling is still built on relationships and trust. By using on-going product training, a strong social media campaign backed by a creative marketing department, or good old fashion salesmanship, manufacturers achieve success by getting in front of key potential end users.

From the dealer’s perspective, it’s important that their suppliers are responsive and provide excellent customer service. They must make the sales process simple with minimal mistakes and no surprises, and provide strong sales leads to grow their customer base and offer up new opportunities. Making adequate time and resource commitments is vital to the overall success of the partnership, something that dealers and manufacturers continue to strengthen and develop over time.


Communication also plays an indispensable role in successful partnership. The supplier needs to know that they are valued by the dealer by being part of their regular cadence when face to face with end users. On the flip side, dealers want to know they can make acceptable margins and not have to worry about the product once it’s sold and onsite.


Lastly, the most significant part of the dealer/supplier relationship is trust. Trust that the manufacturer supports their efforts and won’t go around them and trust from the dealer that they won’t substitute for an inferior product based on price. Open, honest communication is key to everyone’s success.

Strong Hold Products is fortunate to have the best dealer network in the country, and values their loyalty and commitment to providing end users high quality products that are backed by an industry leading warranty.

At Strong Hold Products, we build products and relationships that last a lifetime!