Heavy Duty Storage for Paint Supplier


A paint supplier in Evansville, Indiana supplies their customers with high quality paint finishing systems for many different environmental needs. As a result of working with paint, this supplier handles lots of flammable materials during their day-to-day operations. This means they need sturdy and secure storage, all while complying with OSHA safety regulations. Additionally, they also committed to H3 Lean principles that call for efficiency and safety in their workspace. So, in order to fulfill all these needs with one safety cabinet, they came to Strong Hold.


Specifically, this supplier needed a cabinet to store materials for pipe assembly. This includes things like pipe solvents, cleaners, and adhesives. Since the cabinet will be in a high traffic area and experience lots of use, it also needed to be extra durable.


Our new safety cabinet fits the bill perfectly for this supplier’s needs. In addition to fulfilling OSHA’s regulatory requirements, the cabinet also has a few other features that lend themselves to the kind of Lean vision this supplier has in mind. For example, the cabinet has reinforced 14-gauge steel doors in addition to its double-walled 18-gauge body. This serves to enhance the longevity of a cabinet with higher than average use. The cabinet also comes with magnetic shelf labels to keep materials organized, and the shelves are angled toward to back to collect any runoff in the two-inch sump area at the bottom. These shelves can easily be adjusted to fit custom requirements without the need for any tools. The cabinet is elevated with steel legs, allowing for it to be transported by fork trucks without hassle. Not only does this cabinet provide safety, but it also makes the shop operators’ lives easy all while supplementing efficient labor for a lean manufacturing vision. And since it’s a Strong Hold, it’s backed by a 15-Year Warranty.