Personal Protective Equipment Storage

Protect Your Protection

Now more than ever, protection is key. Companies across the nation are making significant investments to ensure their employees are safe and prepared. With stock levels low and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in such high demand, it’s important to conserve the supplies we have and use them efficiently.  

Strong Hold is known for heavy-duty storage. Our products protect the things needed to keep businesses going. Right now, that’s PPE. PPE isn’t new, but the need is at an all-time high. For 25 years, Strong Hold has manufactured PPE storage for companies across the country and continues to build products that help you and your team adapt.

PPE storage isn’t new to us. That’s why we’ve taken our most popular cabinets and added a few useful features to help you protect what’s important.

  • Adjustable Galvanized Shelves – Galvanized shelves are easy to clean and increase light reflection, so you can find that extra box of gloves hidden in the back of the cabinet. They’re also adjustable, making it simple to accommodate all types of storage.
  • Shelf Dividers – Instead of wasting time searching through a messy cabinet, utilize the adjustable shelf dividers by keeping PPE separate and organized.
  • Shelf Labels – Grab what you need and go. No more standing in front of the cabinet searching for eye protection that isn’t there. If it’s not in its designated place, it’s probably time to restock.
  • Clearview Doors – Keep tabs on stock levels without ever opening the cabinet. Available on select models, clearview doors allow you to manage your supply as quickly as possible so you can move on to the important stuff.

Check out the video below to see how Strong Hold stores PPE using our 56-244-5S. 

black clearview ppe storage cabinet

3-Point Locking System

Our cabinets are secured using a 3-Point locking system and a standard padlock (up to 1/2″ diameter).

Heavy-Duty Leaf Hinges

Each door is attached with industrial strength leaf hinges. This means your doors will stay in place, opening and closing with ease – every single time.

All-Welded Body

Our cabinets are a single unit, bent and welded together to ensure maximum strength. Cabinets arrive fully assembled and ready for use.

Galvanized Adjustable Shelves and Dividers

To make storage easy for you, our PPE cabinets come standard with galvanized adjustable shelves (2″ increments). For better organization removable shelf dividers are included.

Extreme Load Capacity

Never worry about shelf flexing again. Our heavy-duty shelves are designed to hold extreme amounts of weight (1200 lbs – 1900 lbs depending on the size of the cabinet).

Made in USA

Strong Hold is a proud American manufacturer with our products built right here in Louisville, KY.

Standard Colors

Choose from one of our standard colors, or customize your own!

color options

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