Double Shift Tool and Die Cabinet with Drawers


Our tool and die cabinet with drawers. This cabinet has 3 shelves punched for dies, 3 adjustable shelves, 7 drawers, and 2 lockable doors. Each door is lockable with a padlock using our 3-point locking system.

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This is one of our tool and dies cabinets. This is manufactured from 12 gauge steel and is heavy duty and built to last and hold those heavy tools and dies. With the 7 gauge 6 inch tall legs, they can be easily set into place. This cabinet is our double shift cabinet. Each solid door is lockable with a padlock using our standard 3-point locking system. You can easily lock up 1 side and work from the other side.//One side of this cabinet has 3 shelves punched for dies. These can be punched for CAT 40 or CAT 50 dies or any size you need. The is one adjustable shelf under the 3 punched shelves. On the other side of this cabinet are 2 adjustable shelves that can be adjusted on 2 inch centers. Under that are 7 drawers that each hold 400 lbs each.