Industrial Shop Table with Bins and 2 Drawers


Shop table with 7 gauge steel top, double riser shelf with bins, 2 drawers, and 12 gauge steel bottom shelf.

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Our tables meet virtually every strength requirement for heavy manufacturing, assembly and maintenance type work, The top is made from 7 gauge steel and the legs are 2 inch x 2 inch x.25 inch angle. There is a welded 12 gauge bottom shelf to store items on as well.//In addition to the bottom shelf to store items, this table has 2 drawers that measure 29 inches wide x 20 inches deep x 4 inches high and have a capacity of 400 lbs per drawer. This table also comes with a double riser shelf with 34 small bins in it top to help store any small items in. The small bins measure 4.125 inches wide x 7.375 inches deep x 3 inches high. Above that riser shelf is another riser shelf that is open to store your bigger items on.//All our tables can be customized by adding optional accessories or by adding a different table top. Some of our standard table tops include maple top, UHMW top, ABS top, Stainless Steel top or.5 inch plate top.