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Introduction to Manufacturing in America (Video Series)

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What is Manufacturing in America?

Manufacturing isn’t glamorous. It’s not known for problem solving or innovation. It’s tough, gritty work that is often looked down upon by others across the nation. Many underestimate the value American manufacturers add to both our economy and everyday lives, but that’s why we love it. Manufacturing is the backbone of our country and, like it or not, it’s not going anywhere.

Here at Strong Hold, we want to highlight true craftsmanship and the importance of manufacturing in America. In this video series, we’ll debunk the myths that surround our industry and discuss many of the challenges factories face across the US. We’ll showcase our people, products, and processes, and how they make it all possible.

It’s time to show the world what manufacturing in America really is. When we fail, we don’t give up. We pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and keep moving forward. In this ever-changing world, American manufacturers are the underdog. And you never bet against the underdog.

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Louisville Manufacturer Donates Medical Storage to Coronavirus Facility

strong hold donates medical ppe storage cabinets

Being a local manufacturer in the Louisville area, Strong Hold has been given the opportunity to continue operations during these unprecedented times. We certainly don’t take that for granted. This is a time to come together and support one another, so we began looking for ways to better serve our community.

With the increased strain on our healthcare system from COVID-19, Alternate Care Facilities (ACF) are popping up across the country. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies are in high demand, and these facilities need to keep their stock protected and secure.

“When we heard the National Guard was helping set up a hospital at the Fair Grounds, I knew our team would want to help,” said Tony Diebold, President of Strong Hold and former Army Logistics Officer. “Our veterans love any chance to help our men and women in uniform. We aren’t trained medical professionals, but this is how we can help.”

In order to prepare for an overflow of patients recovering from the coronavirus, the Kentucky National Guard set up an ACF at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center. To support this effort, Strong Hold donated six medical storage cabinets to the Kentucky Department of Public Health. These cabinets will be used to store the critical tools, supplies, and PPE needed by healthcare workers in their fight against this virus.

“I was really impressed to learn how quickly the Kentucky National Guard was able to design, build, and equip the new alternate care facility. We have a lot of great men and women serving our state and community here in Kentucky,” said Charlie Coombe, Director of Sales and former Army Aviator. Coombe worked directly with the Kentucky National Guard and the Kentucky Department for Public Health to facilitate the donation of the medical cabinets as they build out and equip the ACF.

Strong Hold has manufactured medical storage and PPE cabinets for many years, but only now has the need for safe and secure medical storage become so prevalent. We are proud to support our nation’s healthcare workers by providing products made with high-quality steel right here in America.

Thank you to the Department of Public Health and the Kentucky National Guard for making this possible, and all the frontline workers fighting to protect our state and nation from this pandemic. We will get through this, together.

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Making Medical Storage Mobile and Secure

mobile medical storage cabinets with 3 sizes

When it comes to storing medical supplies and equipment, healthcare professionals demand quality cabinets to keep their items safe and secure. With this in mind, we recently introduced our new Mobile Medical Cabinets – the perfect solution for storing everything from pharmaceutical medications to PPE masks.

Protection and Security – The Strong Hold Way

Strong Hold is an industry leader in building premium, secure, heavy-duty cabinets. We only use high quality steel and put our cabinets through a rigorous quality assurance process. Using a special metal-bending process, we are able to minimize welds, ensuring our cabinets are the strongest on the market.

Physical Safeguards

For HIPPA required physical safeguards, these mobile medical storage units come standard with a built-in cylinder lock and keys.In addition, each cabinet is compatible with a standard padlock for dual-locking security. With Strong Hold’s heavy duty steel cabinets you are guaranteed that extra level of security our customers expect.

Visual Material Management

Employee visual management can be one of the best security measures for any facility. Our mobile medical cabinets include clearview doors for visual material management. This allows your employees to easily check on your current inventory without needing to unlock your medical cabinet.

Corrosion and Rust Resistant Storage

When strength, durability, corrosion, rust, stain and heat resistance is important, our Mobile Medical cabinets are more than up to the task. Made from heavy gauge premium stainless steel, our products are designed for a wide variety of applications in the most demanding environments. Ideal for applications needing constant cleaning or sterilization.

Mobility When You Need It

Whether it’s for cleaning or reorganization, it’s hard enough to move the cabinet alone, much less when it’s full of supplies and equipment. In addition, it’s easy to lose or misplace important pieces of equipment or medications when you have to empty your cabinet for repositioning. That’s exactly why our medical cabinets come standard with 6-inch swivel casters with locking brakes. Strong Hold mobile medical storage ensures easy and secure mobility for your healthcare professionals.

The Strong Hold Difference

For over 25 years, Strong Hold has been designing and manufacturing commercial storage solutions for a variety of industries. Whether you need cabinets made of 12-gauge stainless steel or painted 14-gauge steel, our products are built to withstand the toughest work conditions and harshest environments. Strong Hold mobile medical cabinets are all made in the USA and backed by a 25-year industry-leading warranty.

Need a Custom Quote?

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Flammable Safety Cabinet

Ask any facility or warehouse manager about their daily priorities and they will give you a long list of important responsibilities – material handling, equipment, inventory, shipping, distribution, maintenance, operations, personnel, and on and on. They will also likely tell you that none are more important than safety. Being responsible for the health and safety of dozens or hundreds of employees is a tall order, but fortunately there are resources available to help.

“When other people can bring it to your knowledge, it’s not just a benefit to you, it’s also possibly saving someone’s life.”

Aaron Blankenship, Facility Manager at Strong Hold

Agencies, governing bodies, and services like OSHA, NFPA, and FM Approvals can help guide your path to safety. While it might seem daunting, complying and working with these organizations is well worth the time. Aaron Blankenship, Plant Manager at Strong Hold, has been working with these agencies for a long time. “It can be scary to know that you’re responsible for someone’s safety, but not actually knowing all of the fine print and literature that is out there,” Aaron explained. “When other people can bring it to your knowledge, it’s not just a benefit to you, it’s also possibly saving someone’s life.”

OSHA logo

What is OSHA?

OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is a government agency that is part of the U.S. Department of Labor. According to the website, OSHA’s mission is to “ensure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education, and assistance.” In 2018, OSHA conducted over 70,000 federal and State Plan inspections. Their work with employers, safety professionals, and advocates have helped reduce work-related deaths by 63% since 1970.

Here are a few resources provided by OSHA:

What is NFPA and NFPA Code 30?

In the United States, a fire department responds to a fire every 24 seconds. The NFPA, or the National Fire Protection Association, is a codes and standards organization devoted to eliminating death, injury, property, and economic loss from fires and other hazards. They cover a wide range of topics that keep facilities and personnel well-prepared in the case of an emergency. Some of the major areas of focus include detection and signaling, hazardous materials, electrical safety, fire suppression, storage commodities, and protective clothing and equipment.

NFPA Code 30 was developed by the NFPA and is currently enforced by OSHA to address safety measures related to flammable and combustible liquids. According to the NFPA and OSHA, a liquid is considered flammable if its flash point does not exceed 100°F, while a combustible liquid is one whose flash point is 100°F or higher. If a facility is storing things like diesel fuel, motor oil, kerosene, cleaning solvents, paints, aerosol spray cans, mineral oils, or other chemicals, NFPA Code 30 provides the guidelines for proper storage, handling, and use.

Here are a few resources provided by NFPA:

What is FM Approvals?

FM Approvals is a third-party testing and certification service that was founded by FM Global, a mutual insurance company that specializes in loss prevention, in 1886. FM Approvals conducts tests in their state-of-the-art laboratories on products and services used in commercial and industrial spaces. Products that bare the FM APPROVED certification mark have undergone and passed rigorous testing, ensuring that they can withstand the elements and effectively limit the spread of fire.

Here are a few resources provided by FM Approvals:

Three Birds, One Storage Cabinet

One way to ensure your facility is providing a safe work environment that reduces risk is to look for products that are certified by FM Approvals and meet OSHA and NFPA Code 30 standards. If you’re required to store flammable and combustible liquids, Strong Hold provides safety storage solutions that are intentionally designed to exceed those standards and last a lifetime. Our heavy-duty Flammable Safety Cabinet is all-welded and constructed from 14-gauge steel. It features heavy-duty doors with leaf hinges, 14-gauge galvanized shelves, forklift pockets, and an industry-leading warranty.

For more information about our safety products and other storage solutions, visit our products page or contact us today!

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a flammable safety cabinet you can depend on article

When it comes to choosing the right flammable safety cabinet, it’s critical to think about why flammable storage is important to you. Safety should always be the priority, but that shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on convenience. As you shop around, it could be tempting to think, “aren’t all safety cabinets the same?” The simple answer is no. 

Expect More from Your Storage

Safety cabinets should be held to the same standard as any other storage solution built for the manufacturing world. After talking to customers and understanding their frustrations with safety products currently on the market, we decided there was a need for a safety line that lived up to the Strong Hold Standard. We combined heavy-duty steel with innovative design to provide a solution that won’t fail in your time of need—or any other day of the week.

Save Your Future Self the Headache

When talking to our customers, one of the biggest complaints about standard safety cabinets was the unreliable construction. Cabinets built with 18-gauge steel can’t withstand the daily abuse or constant wear-and-tear of a manufacturing environment. Strong Hold’s safety cabinets are built with 14-gauge steel (56% thicker than 18-gauge steel) to increase durability and strength. When you choose a cabinet you can depend on, you can focus your time and energy on more important things.

Don’t Compromise on Safety

Most cabinets in the safety market are difficult to relocate. Because they have no legs, they sit flush with the ground, making transportation nearly impossible. Customers end up leaving their safety cabinets on a wooden pallet, which violates both OSHA and NFPA Code 30 standards. Other cabinets have legs, but run the risk of tipping over when moved by a pallet jack or fork truck. Our forklift pockets provide the safest (and most convenient) way to transport your cabinet, so you and your employees can focus on finishing the job.

The Strong Hold Standard

Manufacturing is brutal. At Strong Hold, our products are built to last, which is why we back our Flammable Safety Cabinet with an industry-leading, 15-year warranty. Our warranty is a statement. A statement that proves you can depend on your Strong Hold product for years to come.

Simply put, the Strong Hold Flammable Safety Cabinet is stronger, safer, and better. Each feature was intentionally designed to increase durability and make your job easier. Experience the Strong Hold Standard and contact us today.

Author: Kara Lagree

Position: Marketing Specialist

Company: Strong Hold

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Strong Hold has been the trusted source for industrial strength cabinets, storage and workspace solutions long before 5-S and Lean Manufacturing were popular trends. Made in Louisville, KY, our products are not only designed for the customer, but also with the harshest environments in mind. Our Industrial Cabinets, Workbenches, Shop Tables, Shop Desks and Tool Carts can be found nationwide in heavy duty manufacturing environments.

Nearly everything we make is constructed from top grade 12 gauge steel, paired with a one-piece body design (excluding stainless steel) that minimizes welds and increases strength, making them the strongest industrial cabinets, storage and workspace solutions you can buy.

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Strong Hold Sonoco Case Study


When your products are used to make food safer, fresher, and more convenient, you understand the importance of security and durability. That’s why Sonoco had to be uncompromising when selecting workspace and storage solutions for their metal stamping facility in Memphis, TN.


Sonoco’s metal stamping facility receives steel coils weighing over 20,000 lbs and stamps out packaging parts for some of the largest consumer packaging companies. This process involves a myriad of dies, tools, and components, all of which require heavy duty storage, maintenance, and transportation. In the past, the team of die and tool makers at Sonoco used solutions that were fabricated in-house. Bobby Benedetti, Maintenance Manager at the facility, explained, “Before we switched to Strong Hold, we pieced together carts and workbenches over the years. Some had started to deteriorate and become rickety.” Some of the carts dated back to the 1970s and were in need of replacement. It was time for a permanent, reliable solution and Bobby knew exactly where to look.


Bobby had been introduced to Strong Hold’s workspace and storage solutions at a previous employer. “Buy it one time and you’ll never have to buy it again. That’s key for me,” Bobby recalled about Strong Hold’s products. Bobby worked with Strong Hold’s engineers to design carts rated to withstand the weight of Sonoco’s heaviest tools and make it easier to maneuver them around the plant. “Now with Strong Hold, we’re able to get those made to a standard, which includes their load ratings clearly stamped on the side, and take the liability away from Sonoco. We ensure that our employees stay safe over time because we’re not going to overload something,” he said.

They decided to upgrade some of their cabinets and workbenches as well. “We don’t have to worry about the shelves collapsing or deteriorating over time,” Bobby said. “We’ve also done some custom workbenches that have proven to be more user-friendly.” In addition to a safer work environment, Sonoco employees are happier with their workspace and are no longer required to fabricate their own solutions, saving the company time and money. “[Strong Hold’s products] provide the ability to 5S and give our employees personal space to lock up their valuables and keep them off the general workflow.”

If you’re looking to upgrade your facilities, don’t compromise. Start with the strongest workspace and storage solutions on the market. Check out some of our most popular products or contact our representatives to customize your own engineered solution.

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This point-of-use flammable safety cabinet will change the way you store paints, chemicals, and other flammable liquids – right in your work area and at the tips of your fingers. Forget about long walks through your building to get what you need. This cabinet is designed to sit right on a workbench, utility cart, mobile stand, or in the back of your service van.


  • All-welded steel body (no rivets, no screws, no tack welds)
  • Heavy-duty leaf hinges and 14-gauge doors that are 56% thicker than standard 18-gauge doors, making this cabinet suitable for both use and abuse
  • Features galvanized shelves and magnetic shelf labels to keep everything organized
  • Leak-proof sump area with drain for easy cleaning if spills happen
  • Designed and manufactured to NFPA code and OSHA standards
  • Industry leading 15-year warranty

Click here to read more about our flammable safety cabinets.