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Strong Hold Sonoco Case Study


When your products are used to make food safer, fresher, and more convenient, you understand the importance of security and durability. That’s why Sonoco had to be uncompromising when selecting workspace and storage solutions for their metal stamping facility in Memphis, TN.


Sonoco’s metal stamping facility receives steel coils weighing over 20,000 lbs and stamps out packaging parts for some of the largest consumer packaging companies. This process involves a myriad of dies, tools, and components, all of which require heavy duty storage, maintenance, and transportation. In the past, the team of die and tool makers at Sonoco used solutions that were fabricated in-house. Bobby Benedetti, Maintenance Manager at the facility, explained, “Before we switched to Strong Hold, we pieced together carts and workbenches over the years. Some had started to deteriorate and become rickety.” Some of the carts dated back to the 1970s and were in need of replacement. It was time for a permanent, reliable solution and Bobby knew exactly where to look.


Bobby had been introduced to Strong Hold’s workspace and storage solutions at a previous employer. “Buy it one time and you’ll never have to buy it again. That’s key for me,” Bobby recalled about Strong Hold’s products. Bobby worked with Strong Hold’s engineers to design carts rated to withstand the weight of Sonoco’s heaviest tools and make it easier to maneuver them around the plant. “Now with Strong Hold, we’re able to get those made to a standard, which includes their load ratings clearly stamped on the side, and take the liability away from Sonoco. We ensure that our employees stay safe over time because we’re not going to overload something,” he said.

They decided to upgrade some of their cabinets and workbenches as well. “We don’t have to worry about the shelves collapsing or deteriorating over time,” Bobby said. “We’ve also done some custom workbenches that have proven to be more user-friendly.” In addition to a safer work environment, Sonoco employees are happier with their workspace and are no longer required to fabricate their own solutions, saving the company time and money. “[Strong Hold’s products] provide the ability to 5S and give our employees personal space to lock up their valuables and keep them off the general workflow.”

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