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Strong Hold Heavy-Duty Industrial Cabinets

heavy-duty cabinet with manufacturing parts

Strong Hold is synonymous with heavy-duty storage. The moment your Strong Hold arrives, you’ll know why our products last. You’ll think, “Man, this is exactly what I needed.” From design to construction, Strong Hold lives up to the name.  

What Makes Strong Hold the Best in Heavy-Duty Storage

Our cabinets can be found in all types of manufacturing environments. Ford, BMW, Tesla, even the U.S. Military trust our cabinets to protect their equipment. To last in such harsh environments, we use high-quality materials and superior, American-made craftsmanship.

The body is constructed with 12-gauge steel, the thickest steel gauge available among industrial cabinets. A single sheet of steel is bent to form the wrap-around body. This design and the all-welded corners minimize the need for bolts, resulting in a sturdier construction.

For lighter manufacturing, check out our Lean Series. This line features the same popular cabinet configurations in 14-gauge steel.

Popular Industrial Cabinets

Custom Heavy-Duty Cabinets

Sometimes you can’t quite find what you’re looking for. Instead of settling for a product that only meets some of your needs, Strong Hold can provide the perfect solution. Whether you want to modify one of our existing SKUs or build something from scratch, we’ve got you covered. We have a team of dedicated engineers to work with you and make your ideas become reality. Tell us what you’re looking for and the specs needed, and we’ll draw it up to ensure it’s everything you’d expect from a Strong Hold. Request a quote today!

Zero-Flex Shelving and Drawers

Heavy-duty storage means supporting heavy-duty equipment. Our shelves can have load capacities of up to 1900 lbs. each, depending on the size of the cabinet. That’s about the weight of a Chevrolet Chevette on a single shelf, so you can have the confidence to store even the heaviest equipment without the fear of sagging. Each shelf is secured using standard nuts and bolts, which can be easily adjusted in 2-inch increments.

The extreme weights don’t stop at our shelves. Each drawer has a load capacity of up to 400 lbs. Strong Hold also offers adjustable drawer dividers to keep your supplies separate and organized.

Looking for even more organization? Check out our Bin Storage Cabinets. Each bin is removable, for easy access and quick selection.

Cabinet Door Options

Depending on your needs or application, you may benefit from one of Strong Hold’s many door options. In addition to our standard, solid doors, we offer:

Many of our doors come with the option to select single-shift or double-shift. Double-shift doors allow you to lock both sides of your cabinet individually and control access between people, departments, or even shifts.

Securely Lock Your Storage

You take protection seriously. We get that. Besides the impenetrable protection of heavy-duty steel, our cabinets come standard with a 3-point locking system. This mechanism secures the doors in three places, minimizing weak points and making it almost impossible to pry open. All you need is a standard padlock. For additional security, Strong Hold offers multiple access control options, which can be added to almost any product. These options include:

  • Padlock
  • Manual Keypad
  • Electronic Keypad
  • Cylinder Lock
  • Proximity Lock

For even more security, we can add a lock guard to your door handle to protect padlocks against bolt cutters.

Quick Ship Options

Need a quick solution? Strong Hold’s Quick Ship products are out the door in two days or less. In the continental U.S., that means you get your new Strong Hold delivered within 10 days. Check out the list of Quick Ship items.

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