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Yes, we are getting older with every day that goes by. As you look back over your life you can see those ups and downs, the hills and the valleys. What did you do through the years to market yourself in your career and even in your personal life? How did you survive the valleys in your life? Not by sitting back and hoping opportunities would drop from the sky, right? Of course not! From your “seed” beginning to a young adult through your “maturity” years, you survived those valleys by being proactive, innovative, investing in yourself and becoming a mature established individual.


The same is true of an aging industry. Strong Hold began as a seed when a Fabricated Metals’ (our parent company) sales person visited Ford Motor Company and found a need for storing tools. We provided a solution with our industrial strength tool cart. From there, the storage solution business grew and Strong Hold was spun off into its own division in 1993. The focus was on industry growth through new business opportunities. And that growth came quickly. Customers told us their storage challenges and we listened. Through innovative thinking, new storage solutions came to life. Heavy duty cabinets with bins for small parts, Lexan glass for easy viewing, computer cabinets for durability in an industrial environment, tool carts, cabinets with pegboards for those 5S needs, and slide out shelves all became hot products. Custom solutions were designed to fit customers’ precise needs. Strong Hold became and still is the leading, well-established manufacturer in the heavy duty industrial storage industry vertical.


Strong Hold has a purpose. We build products and relationships that last a lifetime. We do that by developing our work force and bringing in talent where needed. In the last two years, we have increased our talent pool by adding experienced professional specialists in: Product Managers, Sales Directors, Plant Managers, Sales Support Managers, an IS Manager, Sales Associates, a Quality Manager, a Marketing Manager and team, a GP Dynamics Analyst, and a Controller. Talent acquisition is vital to Strong Hold to maintain and promote innovation. That’s how we do that!