Using Industrial Lockers for Safety and Efficiency

It is key that your crew has everything they need to make their jobs safe and convenient. The Strong Hold team relies on our own products to ensure an efficient process. To improve our workspace, we installed new industrial lockers allowing each team member to store their personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as their personal items.

Before adding our modern double-tier lockers, storage was located at each department workstation. This required walking through the shop without earplugs, steel-toed shoes, and safety glasses. We took this issue seriously and installed lockers near the shop floor entrance. This allowed our team to get all their PPE for the day and store their personal items in a secure place. Intentionally built with a clean and slim design, the units take up a lot less valuable space, allowing for the new storage location.

In addition to typical safety measures that must be met in a manufacturing facility, we had to begin considering the safety of our employees regarding COVID-19. We have staggered each department’s schedule to decrease the number of people at their lockers at any given time.

By adding new lockable storage next to the shop entrance, our team can achieve peak efficiency, organization, and safety. At Strong Hold we understand your manufacturing facility needs as we experience them ourselves.

Problem: Team members did not have a convenient place to store PPE while also dealing with the logistical issues associated with COVID-19.

Solution: Strong Hold installed slim-designed lockers near the entrance to the shop floor so team members could have easy access to PPE. Staggering breaks and lunches by department made it easier to follow social distancing guidelines while keeping personal items both secure and accessible.