A Gun Cabinet for the Home

Keeping Firearms Safe without a Safe 

Firearm ownership in the United States is on the rise for sporting or home protection purposes.  Homeowners have a variety of options for security from simple trigger locks to gun safes weighing a half-ton or more.  They need to carefully assess both their environment and security objectives before making a purchase.      

On the Hunt for Quality 

Dr. Dan Randall, a Louisville, KY area surgeon, recently purchased a farm property as a retreat for time with his young family. Dr. Randall sought a storage solution for the simple firearms found on most farms, .22 long rifles and shotguns, along with ammunition and accessories for each.   While Dr. Randall considered traditional gun safes, he was wary of the cost, difficultly of installation, and permanency of them.       

Simplified Solution 

A Strong Hold lean series 3-foot-wide cabinet was just what he needed.  Dr. Randall removed two of the shelves and added a rifle barrel cradle to the back wall.   “While it was certainly heavy, I moved it in my home by myself.”  Dr. Randall acknowledges a traditional gun safe would make his firearms more secure from thieves, but he believes the Strong Hold lean series cabinet is a good balance of price, transportability, and security.  Supervised access to firearms is his primary concern.  “I really just need to keep my firearms safe in my home, and this cabinet does just that.”  Dr. Randall found the unit attractive enough to place in his living room too.