About Us

The Strong Hold story.

Strong Hold has been making extra heavy-duty 12-gauge cabinets specially designed to survive rough and tough environments for over 25 years. In fact, Strong Hold was born because someone challenged us to design a premium industrial storage cabinet that would withstand the test of time, and we knew we were up to the challenge. Since then, we’ve expanded our offerings to include every workspace solution you can imagine, backed by the best warranties in the industry. When you use Strong Hold products, you’re using products that have been handcrafted in a culture that values hard work, Lean productivity, and American Pride.

Over 25 years strong.

In 1955, entrepreneur Anthony W. Diebold founded a job shop called Fabricated Metals Corp with the goal of making anything and everything for other local manufacturers.

In 1993, Mr. Diebold’s sons, Tom and Frank, realized they had something special. A buyer from General Electric visited the company and discovered a crude, heavy steel cabinet being used to store tools. The buyer had an immediate application at GE’s Appliance Park to replace a troublesome cabinet.

We called the cabinet Strong Hold because that’s exactly what it was. The basic construction of the cabinet – a piece of steel folded and welded together – remains to this day. Over twenty-five years later, the name Strong Hold is still synonymous with rough and tough durability for America’s largest manufacturers.


Handcrafted with pride

Today, the company is in the 3rd generation of Diebold family stewardship and continues to operate with the same purpose and values that were so important to our founder.

  • Our 130,000-square-foot facility was mapped out explicitly to manufacture both ready-to-ship and made-to-order solutions.
  • We celebrate diversity—our workforce stems from 19 nations worldwide, speaking 24 different languages.
  • Everything we do is backed with research, rigorous engineering, and an unrelenting drive to innovate and improve.
  • We are committed to our community, state, and country, and we’re proud to manufacture products right here in the United States.

When you purchase a Strong Hold product, you can trust that it’s been handcrafted with the same care and pride we’ve been putting into our products since day one. We look forward to working with you to build products and relationships that last a lifetime.

Made in USA

Choosing Strong Hold means investing in products crafted with pride and precision in the USA. Our legacy, dating back to 1955, reflects a commitment to quality that has endured for three generations. By manufacturing in our 130,000-square-foot facility, we not only celebrate the diverse workforce from 19 nations but also contribute to the local community and uphold American values of hard work and innovation. When you choose Strong Hold, you’re not just choosing robust industrial solutions; you’re supporting a tradition of excellence that defines American craftsmanship.


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