Distribution Facility Gets Custom Industrial Solution


For this distribution company, organization and ease of access for their tools are essential aspects in the efficient production of quality products that make buildings safe and comfortable. So, when they realized their turret press soft tools were in disarray, they needed to make a change in order to better visually manage the workspace. The path to Strong Hold took several turns through other countries on other continents, but sometimes the journey is just as valuable as the destination; we can learn exactly what we need and therefore separate the wheat from the chaff.


A brave intern, Alex, was tasked with finding a storage solution for the turret press tools to efficiently and effectively re-organize the turret production area. Ultimately, she needed an updated inventory of the existing turret tool supply, then she needed to map out a storage solution that could address the situation. 5S and lean principles were ever present throughout the process, and Alex needed product that not only facilitated and was compliant with the 5S tenets, but also was customizable and adjustable to adapt to future changing needs.

So, she set out in her task, first looking to Germany for the storage the distribution company needed. She found an incredible design that she thought would be perfect for the storage area. Unfortunately, this German company could not deliver to the US. After researching several other options, one in the UK, she decided to turn rely on the made in the USA spirit that keeps industries, like hers, thriving with quality.


She was directed to Strong Hold by her superiors, learning of the custom capabilities Strong Hold is known for. She sent Strong Hold’s sales team a template of the original design she envisioned with a few modifications. The new cabinet would need to come with adjustable shelves and pre-defined storage slots so operators spent less time searching for tooling and more time using them.

Choosing Strong Hold Products for your custom storage solution is the right choice in starting your journey to lean manufacturing and efficient, time and money saving storage options.