At Strong Hold, our goal is to offer you the best storage solution available. If the right solution doesn’t exist, we’ll make one. We use innovation and experience to embrace storage challenges and create custom designs built to last a lifetime.

We offer a wide variety of products, sizes and configurations to meet everyday organization and security demands. If you can’t find one to fit your needs, we can modify an existing product by customizing dimensions, accessories or other features. Additional options and accessories can be found on our website or in the back of our catalog.

If modifying an existing product still doesn’t meet your requirements, we’ll set you up with one of our expert design engineers. They’ll work with you to construct the custom solution you need. Once you’re happy with the specs, we’ll send you a quote.

Don’t settle on a product that only meets some of your demands. We’re dedicated to finding the perfect solution for any storage challenges you face. If you have questions about our custom process, contact us or call 1(800) 880.2625.