Everything we do is backed with research, rigorous engineering, and an almost obsessive drive to innovate and improve. From manufacturing efficiencies and products to internal processes, no matter what we’re doing, we go Strong Hold® every single day, and we’re not stopping.

Strong Hold was born from a chance interaction with a local manufacturer looking to improve how they stored supplies and tools using our initial crudely-designed grey box. Today, though, Strong Hold is More Than a Grey Box™. We make cabinets, workbenches, toolboxes, utility carts, and we frequently modify and custom engineer solutions to meet specific customer applications.

Strong Hold means quality, durability, form and function, and problem solving. How do we do that? We have a talented organization dedicated to helping improve our customers’ work-life. We speak to our customers and partners directly to understand and solve their problems. But mostly it comes from an insatiable drive to improve, engineer, design, test, re-engineer and re-test until we get it right – and then start all over again. We are Strong Hold. And everything we do is Seriously Strong™.