International Automotive Brand Plant Cabinet Refurbishment


Even the strongest of us become old and weathered as we age. However, in the case of Strong Hold’s cabinets, though they may show exterior signs of solid, reliable use, they never lose their strength. As time goes on they do become visual indicators of their own longevity, and no longer look “brand new” after years of abuse in rough industrial environments. Such was the situation for dozens of Strong Hold cabinets at one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturer’s plant. Originally purchased over 25 years ago, and after years of rough and tough usage, keeping tools and items stored safely and securely, they needed a “freshening up” aesthetically.


Though the paint had deteriorated through oxidation and the cabinets showed wear and tear, they were still totally functional. These cabinets had been special ordered with unique configurations, so merely replacing them was a less than an optimal option. It would be difficult to find a cabinet just like the old ones, and reordering the same cabinet could be an expensive endeavor given the quantity involved. Fortunately, Strong Hold had a solution even for a situation like this. The goal was to prioritize cost efficiency while still meeting the need for an aesthetically pleasing storage solution with the original strength and utility of the Strong Hold cabinets.

12 GA Extra Heavy Duty Clearview Cabinet


Strong Hold has refurbished their own cabinets used at their plants, so they decided to offer refurbishment as an outside service that would be perfect for the auto manufacturer’s needs. After the rust, scale, and dirt were cleaned and sanded off, the entire cabinet was buffed down. The labels were removed, glass was cleaned, and then finally, they were repainted with a brand-new coat of specialized blue.

Upon completion the cabinets looked just like new! This kept costs down but completely renovated the look of the cabinets. Now they could return to work with their original strength AND design with an updated look.

At Strong Hold, we build products and relationships that last a lifetime.

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