International Retail Distribution Center


An international retail distribution center in North Carolina needed a place for their warehouse employees to store their belongings. Thankfully, they knew to call Strong Hold for their storage needs. They ordered 10 sets of heavy-duty lockers with 5 bays each (86-MS-2420) for their facility. Their employees could now store extra clothes, jackets, tools, and other miscellaneous items in between shifts.

12 GA Extra Heavy Duty Multi-Shift Cabinet


Due to a slight miscommunication, when they received their order, only 40 of the 50 lockers arrived. They reached out and our customer service team got right to work. We cleared up the issue, sent the remaining 10 lockers, and quickly got the facility what they needed.


Strong Hold is known for making industrial storage solutions. This is a great example of what that looks like. When asked why he chose Strong Hold, Steve, the maintenance manager, said, “[They’re] very well-built cabinets. The turnaround was very fast. We are overall just very well-pleased.”