Veteran Owned Business Teams Up With Navy Museum


This retired US Navy submarine has since been converted into a museum after its retirement from service and serves thousands of visitors every month with the goal of bringing maritime history to life for the 100,000 some guests they have each year. In order to facilitate this portrayal of history, the curators keep the museum as close to its 1945 operating configuration as possible. This means that over the years, the museum has needed a team of technicians to conduct repairs on the boat to keep it in the best possible condition. As this project and team grew, they also had a growing need for a secure storage solution to keep their tools organized.


The amount of tools the tech team on the submarine amassed was impressive: they had acquired an industrial milling machine, an Army lathe, a cold saw for sample cuts, a vertical contour band saw, a floor drill press, a 2” belt grinder, a 20” disk grinder, an 8” bench grinder, and a glove blast cabinet. Along with all these came the various tools and attachments to both work with and repair the machines. Keeping these tools secure and organized is an invaluable part of any processing procedure, whether for a private business or a seaworthy vessel.


Thankfully for the crew, Strong Hold has exactly the kind of storage solution that they need. We donated a 46-V-244 model cabinet for them to organize and store tools and equipment next to their milling machine. Now that their parts are secured away, they never have to worry about losing any invaluable donor tools again!