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Lock, Stock, and Extra Heavy-Duty Cabinets

Strong Hold, with over 25 years of expertise in crafting extra heavy-duty 12-gauge cabinets, is an ideal partner for the automotive industry. Born out of a challenge to design premium industrial storage cabinets that withstand the test of time, Strong Hold’s products are well-suited for the demanding and rugged environments in automotive workshops and manufacturing facilities. The handcrafted cabinets align with the industry’s emphasis on durability, precision, and reliability, providing secure storage solutions for tools, parts, and equipment. Strong Hold’s workspace solutions contribute to organizational efficiency while reflecting a commitment to quality, Lean productivity, and American pride.

Not sure if a stronger cabinet exists. Very heavy-duty.

Safety Coordinator

These cabinets are the best. Real heavy duty and lockable. Will be around a long time and still function perfectly.


Awesome cabinets, well built! Will certainly safely store my bourbon collection!

Brian Cannon
Automation Technician


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